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Explora il Museo dei Bambini di Roma
Explora Rome Children Museum

Explora is the first Italian children museum. The project comes from a CNR study on the children behaviour in towns not designed for them and with functions they are not allowed to know.

The venue provided by the town administration was an old tram and busses shelter from the early 1900 with a courtyard surrounded by garages and technical storages. It is part of an old industrial area just out of the town center to be requalified.

The architectural project transformed the cast iron and steel shelter designed by Polenceau in the exposition building setting the services in the surrounding buildings and creating a garden open to the city facing north.

Because of the destination we decided for a clear design and construction system, easy to be recognized by the children in its functions, ecological to preserve costs and natural resources and transparent to preserve the memory of the old shelter.

At the time of its construction it was the first wider pv roof system in Italy realized thanks to the Thermie EU project.

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